The girl from Fairyland Forest

Unrest reigns in the second grade of an elementary school in Berlin.  The teacher has given the students an assignment for social studies.  The assignment was for each student to go home and ask their mother about their own birth and about what life was like before they were born.  The children whisper and giggle.  Some of the boys roll their jackets and stuff them under their shirts and laugh.  Over the next few weeks everyone will have the opportunity to share with the class about their birth.  The bell rings and school is out.

She rides her bicycle home.  Her mother has dinner ready – meat balls, potatoes, and cucumber salad.  “How was school?  Do you have homework?”  The girl replied, "Was I in your tummy?  What was it like? ”
The mother caught by surprise and a little bewildered asks, “Why?  I thought I asked you about your homework.”
The girl explains, “That is the homework!  We are supposed to be able to tell the class about how we were born.  It’s for Social Studies. We also need to be able to tell what life was like before we were born.”

At first there was not an answer.  The table was set and the father came home.  One eats dinner together.  The girls wanted answers to her questions.  She pressed her father.  “Papa, I was in mom’s belly wasn’t I?”  The parents look at each other.  “Eat your dinner first.  One shouldn’t speak with when one’s mouth is full.“

After dinner the mother said, “You were not in my Belly.  It was different with you than for other children.  You came from the Fairyland Forest… because we wished for a girl like you for so long.”  The mother then rose out of her chair and said, “I need to go buy something now.”  The father glanced at the mother and said, “We will tell you everything about your birth, when you are a little older.”  He then stood up and left the room.

During the next few weeks students stood in front of the class and reported their findings from the homework assignment.  Five children told what their mothers had said.  They told of which hospital they were born in and what the circumstances were when they came into the world.  The girl from Fairyland Forest was not called upon.

(Many thanks for this translation to +Adam Dutson !! Thanks a lot my friend! )